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5-star review Beth L
My friend Sharon and I had another wonderful day at Laguna Canyon Spa. The facials with Yasmine were exceptional, and we both commented that they were the best facials we ever had. Yasmine was amazing, caring, and was extremely knowledgeable. You could feel how passionate she is about what she does. The product was wonderful; and again, the facial was one of the best I’ve ever had. The massage was wonderful as well. We can’t wait to come back for another treatment at Laguna Canyon Spa.


5-star review Cindy P
y boyfriend and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary on Balboa Island and drove ourselves to Laguna Beach to this gem of a place.


5-star review Debbie S
Laguna Canyon Spa is the best and Lucy, the owner, has personally helped in my journey towards health. A year ago I had a severe fall that included trauma to my head, a severely bruised tailbone, and a wrist that was broken in three places. Once the cast was removed, I began to go to Lucy at Laguna Canyon Spa for regular therapeutic massages. She is personally responsible for assisting in my journey towards health today. Lucy is compassionate and really listens to your needs and custom designs services to that end. I highly recommend Laguna Canyon Spa to anyone healing, simply seeking to relax or also for couples massage (so family friendly and for couples as well.


5-star review Jan K
There is no where else in OC that I would go for a massage or beauty day! It is small and if you are used to the highly expensive Montage, Ritz type spa's, then please just go there and enjoy! The folks here are professionals and excellent at their job. I have had massages all around the world and these are the best!!!


5-star review Marii K
Keep coming back for more! Love this place, so relaxing and peacefully. They also offer water, hot tea, nice lounge to wait for your appt. I've been coming here for years now and still always leave relaxed and impressed!


5-star review Alexis W
Lucy is a phenomenal masseuse. She takes her time, uses technique that is very comforting and adapts to your body and needs right away. She is also very professional and the spa itself is very cozy, well decorated and creates of sense of relaxation and peace. I absolutely highly recommend this spa to anyone that is looking for a private, personal, non commercial feel spa where you will leave very refreshed and will be scheduling your next appointment. Go try it out for yourself, I promise you that it will change your opinion of the big commercial massage chains.


50-min Classic European Facial -- $90*
Our personalized and concentrated deep cleansing and exfoliation European facial treatment. Includes skin analysis, extractions, relaxing facial massage with soothing aromatherapy, and masque selected for your skin type. Leave with smooth, soft, glowing skin. Especially calming and rejuvenating.

Fresh Lift Facial -- $150*
Look younger and feel great with our Fresh Lift facial that targets wrinkles and boosts firmness-- an instant burst of radiance. Begins with a deep cleansing process with clarifying exfoliation and pore extraction. Ocearepair sea serum is massaged gently into facial skin-- a microemulsion texture rich in nourishing ingredients that concentrate on protecting and repairing the skin. Fresh Lift Mask with Pistacia Resin Oil capable of restoring the "Klotho" youth protein to boost collagen production. Skin is densified, and firmness improved. Leave with a fresher complextion! BUYNOW (use promo code SAVE50 for $50 off at checkout)

*Prices and upgrades:
Upgrade your classic facial with customized peels and treatments to correct skin conditions, anti-aging, pigment control, brightening, scarring, firming/tightening, anti-pollution, Oxygenating and Wrinkle Correction. Customized upgrades $25 - $300..



Scientific Skinare
Creator of marine cosmetics, Phytomer's research team has been discovering the most powerful marine ingreditents for 40+ years. With a progressive, self-sustaining hydroponic and filtration garden laboratory in France, Phytomer's research team holds over 50 petented ingredients. They are the experts in skin biology developing the most effective formulas while reducing its environmental footprint.

At Laguna Canyon Spa, we are proud to customize your facial with these innovative and scientific products proven to improve the texture, cell activation and instant powerful surface effects on the skin.

OLIGOMER - Original Phytomer Patent
The only completely natural ingredient in the world able to preserve all the essential trace elements found in the sea. This unique, active ingredient replenishes the trace elements needed by the body to support proper cellular function in the epidermis. A natural life serum enabling the skin to fight against and prevent cellular fatique at the origin of cutaneous disorders (dehydration, intolerance and stress). Regular doses of trace elements are indispensable to the body for correct metabolic function.

PIONNIERE XMF - Perfection Youth Cream
A "second-skin" cream with a deliciously fine and comfortable texture, featuring an unprecedented biotechnological ingredient for smoother, firmer and more luminious skin!

EPS (Exopolysaccharide), Phytomer's patented, award-winning, biotechnological ingredient is produced by microorganisms in the lab and cannot be copied by synthetic molecules. It is a plankton micro-organism capable of naturally producing a sugar with exceptional youthful properties: XMF (Extra Marine Filler).



  • Eye Brow Shaping $25
  • Lip or Chin Wax $10
  • Underarms $20
  • Half Legs or Arms $45
  • Full Legs or Arms $65
  • Full Chest or Back $80+
  • Bikini Classic $55+
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